• Bio

    Carman Benoit is a poet and artist with over 400 poems to her name, and numerous pieces of visual art to her collection. Carman has quintessentially learned through osmosis. While not formally trained, she has garnered much understanding of her crafts, from personal instruction and proximity to other artists, as well as admiring, and researching the techniques and skills of others. She believes that she will forever be a student, fine tuning her skills, and seeking out new ways to expand her crafts.


    Carman's poems and art, draw inspiration from the day to day mundane, personal tragedy, and an undying thirst for idealism, by broaching raw pain, social justice and recognizing beauty in the obscure. The artistic works of Carman Benoit is cleverly beautiful, powerful, and sometimes jarring.


  • Books

    Alien Buddha Zine X

    by Alien Buddha (Author), Jessica Dawson (Author), Red Focks (Author), Daniel de Culla (Author), Mark Hartenbach (Author), Marc Brüseke (Contributor), Taj Bourgeois (Illustrator), Marcel Herms (Illustrator), Ammi Romero (Illustrator), Carman Benoit (Illustrator)

    The Alien Buddha's Feminist Agenda

    by Alien Buddha (Author), Ammi Romero (Author), Jessica Dawson (Author), Darcy Reed (Author), Carman Benoit (Author), Andrea E Lodge (Author), Lynn Long (Author), Samantha Dupre (Author), Tanya Rakh (Author), Chani Zwibel (Author)

    Tales From The Alien Buddha

    by Alien Buddha (Author), Red Focks (Author), Jay Miner (Author), Jeff Weddle (Author), Scott Thomas Outlar (Author), Robin Wyatt Dunn (Author), Robert J W (Author), Carman Benoit (Author), Matt Borczon (Author), Michael Zone (Author), Paul Brookes (Author), Mark Hartenbach (Author), Bibek Adhikari (Author), Dustin Pickering (Author), Billy Antonio (Author), Ron Androla (Author), Ammi Romero (Cover Design)

    American Antihero: First Canon

    By Red Focks (Author, Director, Illustrator), Mike Zone (Contributor), Jay Miner (Contributor), Ammi Romero (Contributor, Cover Design, Illustrator), Carman Benoit (Illustrator), Marcel Herms (Illustrator)


    Edited By: Dr. Shivputra Kanade and Sunita Paul

    American Antihero: Post Weatherman: Post Weatherman (Volume 4)

    By Mike Zone & Red Focks

    Illustrated By: Carman Benoit


    Snot Nice's Wingnut Brigade

    By Red Focks

    Illustrated By: Carman Benoit & Ammi Romero

    50 Poems About Non-Such Nonsense

    By Carman Benoit

    Anthology of nonsensical poetry.



    Miscellaneous Garbage

    By Carman Benoit

  • Vagina Flower 3

    Original Ink Drawing

    Vagina Flower2

    Original Ink Drawing

    Vagina Flower

    Original Ink Drawing

    Spring-Loaded Emancipation

    Original Painting


    Original Painting

    Beware of the Cherub on Cloud 9

    Limited Edition Print

    Golden Eggs

    Limited Edition Print

  • Current Projects



    • American Antihero Volume #4 - Illustrations
    • The Masque of the Red Death (E.A. Poe) - Illustrations
    • The Oblong Box (E.A. Poe) - Illustrations
    • 50 poems about Food,
    • 50 poems about Death
    • 50 Poems About Sleep
    • 50 Poems About Love Gone Wrong
    • 50 Poems About Love Gone Right
    • 50Poems About Bodily Happenings
    • 50 Poems About Alcohol
    • 50 Poems About Writing
    • 50 Poems About Hard Work
    • 50 Nautical Poems
    • 50 Poems about Strangers
    • 50 Poems about World Events
    • Completing the art series Le Cirque de L'Obsterique , and 
    • Creating and compiling portraits





    Irving Berling - Tempo, Monosyllables & Syncopation (Author Awareness)


    Pablo Neruda - Discipline and Commitment to Form & Approaching Recurring Subject Matter (Author Awareness)


    Shakespeare - Freedom of Linguistic Invention (Author Awareness)


    Neil Young - Discipline and Identifying Inspiration (Author Awareness)


    Ray Tupache - Exploration of Writing Beyond Comfort Zones (Author Awareness / Proximity)


    Mark Twain - Cadence, Tempo, Uniformity of Author's Voice (Author Awareness)


    Kurt Cobain - Lyrics - Marrying Reality with Metaphors & Symbolism (Author Awareness)


    Edie Brickell - Lyric - Mustering Evocative Imagery from the Simple and Mundane (Author Awareness)


    Suzanne Vega - Lyrics - Visceral Imagery &Tempo (Author Awareness)


    Kurt Vonnegut - Simplicity in Delivering Complex (Author Awareness)Messages


    Lydia Lunch - Spoken Word - Pace, Tempo, & Emphasis-(Author Awareness)


    Mr. Castex - Haiku and Syllable Count- - 1987 (Class Instruction)



    Visual Arts

    Gil Chaya - Ink and Illustration - 2017 - (Feedback and Instruction)


    Angela Sterrit - Politics & Art -2014 - (Artist Awareness)


    Ryan Madden - Printing & Stationary Materials & Processes- 2004- (Proximity)


    Bob Ross - Clouds (Landscape) - Painting (TV series)


    Daniel Fisher - Still Lifes - Soft Pastels - 1995-1996 (Personal Instruction)


    Jean-Michel Basquiat - Expressionism / Neo Expressionism - Multi-Media Technique- 1995 (Study of artist and art)


    Lattimer Family - Native American Fine Art - Art Appreciation, Recognition of Artistic Nuances and Artist Identification - 1994-1995 (Proximity)


    Paul McCallum - Landscapes - Pencil Drawing - 1992 (Personal Instruction)


    Alvin Elif Constant (Wandering Spirit) - Native Imagery & Story Telling - Stencils Work, Acrylics, Street Art - 1991-1994 (Proximity & Personal Instruction)


    Brenda Carr - Free form - Material Understanding, Pottery, Ceramics - 1991-1994 (Proximity & Personal Instruction)


    Ediena Hawkes - Full Length Portrait - Pencil Drawing, Sketch work - 1989 (Personal Instruction)


    Mr. Dumer - Similarities of Art and Writing - Writing, Pencil Drawing -1989 (Class Instruction)


    Mr. Castex - Ikebana, Wabi-Sabi - Watercolours - 1987 (Class Instruction)


    Mannie Dorran - Bust Portrait - Pencil Drawing - 1986 (Personal Instruction)


    Mme. Donaldson - Critique and Audience Expectation - Tempra Paint - 1981- (Class Instruction)